Online Visual Diary of Albie J Colvin

Creating engaging multi layered brand devices for the TransGender Victoria’s (TGV) rebrand.

The initial information/language maps were produced through brainstorming ideas with TGV’s primary stakeholders (TGV board & members). This experience not only enabled myself as the designer to empathise with the target audience, but it also was a good way to include them and give them ownership of the rebrand early on in the brief.

These were then layered with collage artworks made from cutting (dissembling) existing images of identity and reconstructing them as engaging new forms to embodying their transitions and transformations.

Having multi layered artwork as a central element of this rebrand will help ensure the visual narrative of TGV’s future communication materials are accessible to their diverse stakeholder networks. 

This logo has been designed to excite and engage SecondBite’s stakeholders about the FoodMate journey to food independence.

The logo represents the face of the FoodMate by SecondBite program.

A simple block font has been used to ensure it is accessible to all of the audiences it is intended for (including those from CALD backgrounds). The letters have a hand made finish to give the FoodMate brand affability.

Abstract images of a pear & a lime have been used in the word ‘Food’ as suggestions of fresh nutritious food, and to represent diversity/inclusivity. 

Bright, fun and natural colours that complement the SecondBite brand have been used for the FoodMate logo.

The lively orange and the nourishing SecondBite red are appetising colours that also promote cultural harmony. The warm earth brown with the fresh SecondBite green reflect sustainable (growing) landscapes. 


One of my favourite peeps is marrying my bro!

One of my favourite peeps is marrying my bro!

Playtime with lil Poppy G yo!

Playtime with lil Poppy G yo!

Old self portrait, circa 2006

Old self portrait, circa 2006

breaking pt.

Break your body
like waves onto me.

Feel the world turn
as we connect.

Scrub me,

rough me,

cover me… ­

In the depths of our sweat.

Soak me in this fantasy;
saturate my body
with your touch.

Take us over
the horizon
& fill me
with your love.

Albie J Colvin 2011